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It's Not Always About The Girls

Hey Guys! I know most people tend to talk about the girls, but not in this particular post. It's all about the guys. Are you over the whole short with a bit of spike haircut? Good, so are we. Not that its bad, its just, well, pretty darn predictable. Ready to spice it up? Great! Cause the "Modern Pompadour" look is finally back in and is HOTTER then ever!!!

Will this cut be right for you? This look can be customized to fit anyones head shape, face shape, and of course, lifestyle.

What should it look like....the hair should be tapperd really high into the curve of the head, keeping more length through the top section. This can be worn connected into the crown or completely disconnected, allowing the hair to hang below the crown of the head.Choosing the right balance for your face shape is extremely important. If you have a round face then taking the sides tighter and allowing more volume on top will help elongate your features. If your face is narrow then keeping it a bit more length through the sides while trying to keep the top slicker and closer to your head.

Hope we got you thinking of spicing up your look.

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