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Bang, Bang!

If you've been teetering on the edge of wanting to change your style, but aren't ready to commit to a drastic chop or color, experiment with some bangs! Bangs are the perfect small change for a big transformation. A perfect fringe takes precision and expertise, but when done right, they have the power to transform your whole look. Here are a few different bang options and how they can work as your best accessory.

Scandal's Kerry Washington added a choppy straight bang to her iconic long bob. This instantly gave her an edgier look, and the perfect silhouette for her oval-shaped face. Pair these bangs with her signature Olivia Pope white, tailored pant suit and you have a fierce look fit for a gladiator. (Wine glass optional)

As the token quirky, cute girl on Fox's New Girl, and movies like 500 Days of Summer, Zooey Deschanel has become infamous for her thick, blunt bangs. Zooey's bangs work to soften her features and enhance her eyes. These bangs are perfect for someone looking to give a glamorous, vintage look to their style. Throw on your favorite vintage dress and heels, and you have a glamorous look that will take you seemlessly from day to night.

Glee star Dianna Agron is constantly changing up her blonde locks, but always keeps it short and sexy. Her shaggy bob pairs perfectly with some side swept, texturized bangs giving her style much more movement in the front. These bangs are perfect for adding some edge to any look. Style with a texturizing spray and a light hairspray for some sexy bedhead waves. Do you dare?

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